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        I first pursued video work in 2009 as a film student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. My schooling encouraged me to become an independent video artist. I strive to achieve cinematic storytelling and eschew the point-and-shoot mentality associated with traditional videography. Quality cinematography, lush imagery, and meaningful editing all coalesce to breath life into my films. 

- Samuel Karow


I like things simple. This means not getting bogged down with cumbersome equipment and oversized crews. By keeping a low profile, I adapt easily to sudden changes while shooting and maintain a minimal presence for discreet recording. All this being said, I understand that a personalized approach should never result in substandard quality. That's why I use professional gear to capture superior images and sound for all my projects.

Sam's Bio:

​​​Samuel Karow is a video artist based in Wisconsin.  In 2011 he received his BFA from UW-Milwaukee's Department of Film. Specializing in documentaries,  Sam seeks to capture genuine moments of beauty, intimacy, and conflict. When given ample time for discovery, he finds that the ordinary becomes quite extraordinary. Sam's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His award-winning short film  “3 Miles East” was included in the 64th Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage.



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